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por amor a las matemáticas .....

por amor a las matemáticas .....
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lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Hypathia Lovers

Miren que impresionante lo encontrado en la web:


  • The text and documents presented here were fully obtained from the site www.hypatia-lovers.com when it was active, only the text that is after a bullet was written by me (like this), the text without bullet were the comments by Khan or the pictures that were in his site (including the titles).

  • This is a little picture of how the Site was.

  • The logo of the site was a picture of Hypatia, Khan explained that the face of Hypatia is Xena (Lucy Lawless) and the body is a perfect proportion.

  • The first thing I remember was a marathon with some mathematic questions, such as the sum of the first 100 numbers. The first answer was 5050, I guess the answer, I made my own Gauss formula xD. Every question correct give you the power to quit to Hypatia a clothe, the goal was to see her naked. If your answer was wrong there was a section to explain you how to solve the problem. This is Hypatia fully naked and a explanation about beauty... But first the comment:

Khan Amore's Commentary on The Divine Proportion

When Khan Amore set forth to write this commentary, he decided that no such article would be complete without an illustration of the plurality of divine proportions which are to be found in Nature’s greatest work of art: the body of a beautiful woman. Braced for many expected hardships, he set aside an entire week for the purpose of dissecting his composite image of history’s greatest woman (the first female mathematician), then distorting it to be in conformity with the divine proportions listed above, finally to reassemble the figure, and thus to see what a body based entirely upon the divine proportion would look like. He was really quite fond of his original artwork and felt that any change in proportions would be a change for the worse, but he was curious to see what Hypatia (who loved the Divine Proportion) would look like if her bodily proportions were based entirely upon this harmonious proportionality of Nature.

  • This was the picture of Hypatia

Hypatia of Alexandria
...Gasparo’s (?) signed sketch of Hypatia. The sketch was included as an insert in Elbert Hubbard’s pamphlet, Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Teachers, Volume 23, No. 4, published in October of 1908. Although this artist’s conception was created many centuries after Hypatia’s death, it is the one most often used to represent this great (yet always modest) woman.

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